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Golden Salutem

Golden Salutem

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Golden Salutem was specially designed and formulated to help support the immune system’s homeostatic response to inflammation. Life/environmental stressors, poor diet, lack of sleep/exercise, improper hydration, and genetics all play a cumulative role in the body’s inflammatory load. In addition, intracellular inflammation can impair biochemical pathways, denature cell structures such as mitochondria (the power producer of cells), and even impact DNA. As a result, inflammation is the primary driver of illness and disease states. Golden Salutem delivers a comprehensive support blend of nutraceuticals and neotropics to help improve your body’s natural ability to restore proper inflammation recognition and control. 

Suggested Use: Mix one scoop in 8-12oz. of dairy-free milk (almond, coconut or oatmilk) in a shaker cup or low-speed blender. Sip and enjoy the smooth chai flavor. Add to cold brew coffee or protein powder for an immune boost. Use as needed for immune and inflammation support. Consume the container within 60 days of opening.
*contains 40mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving (equivalent to a ½ cup of coffee)

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What Is The Process?


    Farmed in San Luis Obispo, California. Harvested at the right time for highest grade and concentration.


    Tested in three phases during the growing period. Tested before and after extraction and once final after product devolpement.


    Fufilled in small batches to ensure utmost quality and freshness, in the great state of Texas.


We intentionally chose every element to better the product. When creating the handcrafted forumla for each supplement, we specifially chose locally sourced and nutrient dense ingredients.


When designing The Integer Collection, we wanted to create items that fill a gap in the market. By devolping these unique supplements, an authentic experience was created. From the purity of the ingredients to the caculated formulations, it is unlike your typical daily supplement.


The brain behind The Integer Collection formulations is Dr. Chase Banks, DC, CCSP. Through meeting with patients for over fourteen years, Dr. Banks realized people needed multiple supplements to fill their nutritional gaps or support genetics.

There was a commonality among patients with inflammation being a primary concern. Dr. Banks’ goal was to combine the most important elements of traditional supplements into his own line while using the highest quality and purest of organic ingredients.