Unlocking the Power of Sleep: Exploring the Ingredients of Somnia

In a world that thrives on constant connectivity and bustling activity, achieving restful sleep can often seem like an elusive dream. The fast-paced lifestyle that many of us lead can lead to disturbances in our sleep patterns, leaving us feeling fatigued and foggy-minded. Enter Somnia – a revolutionary sleep product that promises to decrease sleep disturbances, reset your sleep cycle, increase deep sleep, and help you wake up refreshed and revitalized. What's the secret behind its effectiveness?

Let's delve into the key ingredients that make Somnia a sleep game-changer.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate, P5P)

At the heart of Somnia's formula lies pyridoxal 5’-phosphate, the active form of vitamin B6. This powerhouse nutrient is involved in an impressive 168 vital enzyme processes within our bodies. One of its significant roles is facilitating the conversion of essential amino acids into non-essential ones through deamination. Additionally, P5P aids in shuttling nutrients like magnesium across cellular membranes, enhancing absorption rates. P5P contributes to improved sleep quality and overall well-being by supporting these essential processes.

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium, a critical element for over 300 bodily processes, is vital in maintaining brain, heart, and muscle health. In Somnia, magnesium is present as magnesium glycinate, which offers a unique advantage. This form has a calming effect on the brain, thanks to glycine. As a result, it helps alleviate anxiety and promotes a higher quality of sleep by relaxing the nervous system, setting the stage for a restful night's sleep.

Amino-3-Phenylbutanoic Acid

This mouthful of a compound, commonly referred to as GABA, is an amino acid that regulates mood and acts as a receptor agonist. When present at lower doses, it enhances the brain's dopamine response, reducing stress and improving well-being. GABA also supports deep-wave sleep, allowing you to experience the rejuvenating benefits of genuinely restorative rest.


L-Taurine, a conditionally essential amino acid, maintains proper hydration and electrolyte balance within cells. When stress takes its toll, L-Taurine stores can deplete, impacting central nervous system function. By binding to the brain's GABA receptors, L-Taurine contributes to central nervous system control and relaxation, paving the way for a peaceful night's sleep.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine, an amino acid derivative, has garnered attention for its diverse benefits. As a natural component of our bodies, its levels can dwindle under stress. PS serves as a signaling agent for apoptosis – a necessary process for growth and development. By potentially reducing cortisol levels, PS plays a role in managing stress, ultimately positively impacting sleep quality.

Total Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Water Soluble HydraZorb™ CBD

HydraZorb™ CBD, a water-soluble THC-free full-spectrum hemp powder, takes center stage as an endocannabinoid system modulator. By improving receptors, stress reduction is promoted, sleep cycles become more balanced, and inflammation and pain tolerance improve. This holistic approach to well-being


Melatonin, often called the sleep hormone, is pivotal in regulating circadian rhythm. It's responsible for promoting the body's natural sleep-wake cycles. Somnia's micro-dose of melatonin per capsule supports the body's production without disrupting melatonin secretion's natural ebb and flow throughout the night.

Somnia is a beacon of hope for those seeking restorative slumber in a world where sleep is often sacrificed for productivity. By harnessing the power of these meticulously chosen ingredients, Somnia addresses the root causes of sleep disturbances, resets sleep cycles, and enhances deep sleep, allowing you to wake up revitalized and ready to conquer the day without the dreaded brain fog. Embrace the science-backed benefits of Somnia and unlock the potential of truly restful sleep.

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